Meaghan's Journey
Meaghan Michelle Hicks

Surrounded by her family, and with the love
and admiration of many, Meaghan Michelle
Hicks fluttered off to heaven on Friday, Jan.
30, 2009. Born on Aug. 16, 1981 to Carl and
Mary Jan Hicks, Meaghan immediately
brought great joy and happiness to all. She
was an amazing athlete that loved
gymnastics and dance.
Then one fateful day in 1994, our beautiful
little daughter had contracted a rare terminal
illness, and was told that she had less than a
year to live. They had no idea what a
tenacious and determined fighter Meaghan
was. For nearly 15 years, she set an example
of courage, grace, and spirit, as she fought
primary pulmonary hypertension as it tried to
rob her of her breath.
Cared for by Dr. Robyn Barst, MD of NYC,
she endured hundreds of doctor, clinic and
hospital visits, always with a smile that won
the hearts of everyone she encountered. Her
story of survival spread far and wide. Despite
all the hardships, she graduated from Gig
Harbor High School in 1999, and then from
the University of Washington.

Her health began to fail. Soon, her only hope
for survival was a heart-lung transplant, to
which she bravely agreed to, and in February
2007 she received that gift of life at Stanford
University Medical Center.  Although
declining rapidly the past few months, she
never, ever, gave up. She fought to the end,
but God had other plans for our sweetheart.

She left behind her father and mother, sister,
Jessica Hicks, brother, Andy, nephew, Nolan,
and her extended family in both Kansas City,
Kansas, and Mansfield, Ohio. She loved life,
butterflies, babies, and Tedde. Meaghan
Hicks was the epitome of a beautiful and
loving sister, daughter and friend. But most of
all, she was a brave and courageous
example and inspiration to all who are faced
with life’s greatest hardships.
Moments after she was born, I held her in my
arms, looked down into her little face, and
vowed I would protect her from
"She was my Ranger Daughter...
never ever quit..."