Remembering Meaghan
February 21st, 2009
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM: Non-Denominational Memorial Service
12:00 Noon - 3:00 PM: Celebration of Life and Buffet Luncheon
Meaghan's Memorial Service, 10:00 AM

We'll do this at Fox Island Chapel, near Gig
Harbor, Washington.  She loved the
peacefulness and serenity of this spot. Click
the link below for directions.
Please plan
your drive be here early enough to be
seated right at 10:00 AM sharp.
party will be there just after us.. Don't worry
that it is on an island - there is a bridge!
Celebration and Buffet Lunch, 12:00 Noon - 3:00 PM

Next we will drive over to Tacoma Narrows Airport,
where we will have a celebration for our Meaghan and a
nice buffet lunch. Following her transplant, months of
hospitalization and a twelve- hour drive home, (prior to
going to the house), she made us stop here for dinner!
She loved to eat breakfast here at 10:30 AM on
Sundays, as well. For directions:

Arrival by Air these events will take place. A shuttle called the "Bremerton - Kitsap Airporter,   delivers right to one of the closest places to stay,

Arrival by Car

Gig Harbor is just over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge from Tacoma, Washington. From the bridge you are five minutes away from the Tacoma Narrows Airport, and
approximately fifteen minutes away from the Chapel on Echo Bay, on Fox Island.

Best Places to Stay

We wish we had a larger home, we'd put you all up, but...The most important decision here is to try to remain in Gig Harbor. While you may save a few dollars staying in
Tacoma, no lodging there is very convenient to where we are or where the services will be. Below is a table with my best recommendations:
Name, Address
Phone, Webpage
The Inn at Gig Harbor
Absolute closest, very, very nice and convenient. May be
spendy as a 3 star.
Best Western Wesley Inn
Next closest, also very nice. Somewhat of a hybrid
between B&B and hotel
Maritime Inn
Next closest, downtown on waterfront. Intimate B&B
Waterfront Inn
Next closest, also downtown waterfront. Stunning views.
What to Wear

This is very, very important. First, no dark or somber clothes. Prior to going into the hospital for a final time, two days before she passed, we attended the funeral of
an old family friend, Dr. Tony O'Keefe, who dearly loved Meaghan. She wore a loud and colorful pair of socks and stated defiantly as I pulled on my dark, somber
overcoat, that Tony would've wanted happy and gay colors at his service. Meaghan was as usual, right. DO NOT make the mistake of overdressing or dressing in
muted colors at Meaghan's celebration or memorial. Finally it could be cool or rainy in the PAC NW that day, so bring clothing you'll be comfortable in.
We did it! Pictures to follow!