I have so much that I want to say but every
time I try, I just start crying. Meaghan touched
my life and Angelina's deeply. I admired  her
strength from the first day I met her in Dr.
Barst's office. The one thing that always
amazed me the most is that no matter what
she was feeling or coping with, she always
had that "million dollar" smile. Not only was
Meaghan my patient she was family to me,
as all of you are.

I would like to world to know what Meaghan
taught me, to live your life to the fullest as if
tomorrow may never come and always say I
love you to those closest to you. I love you
Meg and miss you so much, you will forever
be in our hearts-family and my life.

Love,  Ann Marie and Angelina

Scott Turner of Gig Harbor, a tremendous photojournalist shared these
thoughts in his article in a local paper:

Meaghan was a fantastic role model. I loved her so
much. She was always there for me. Her smile had
always brightened up my day.
I remember when my mom and I went up to
California for my mom’s work. We made time to visit
Meaghan. We went up to the hospital and she had
her Best Friend(s), her mom, her dad, my mom, and
Her toes were painted red and she had her blanky
curled up next to her. I gave her a relaxing foot
message. I wanted to spend forever with her there
at that Stanford hospital. I couldn’t but I always will
know that she will be with me. I remember her and
always will. No moment have I forgotten when I had
spent my time with her. Spending the night at her
house. Watching movies ‘till 1 o’clock in the
morning. And snuggling!!!
! I love you Meaghan Michelle Hicks!

Mariel Jayne Stebor
(Your special girl)

1st Pix~ Meaghan & I @ Grandma
Dorans house on Easter!

Summer Stepp and Cousin, Meaghan

Where to begin...This is the oldest &
dearest picture that I have of
Meaghan & I. We were born the same
week, the same year  & I'm sure we
are alike in more ways than one.Even
though we lived what seemed to be a
million miles away, it did'nt change the
love I had for my cousin, My Friend.
Meaghan was always Smiling,
Laughing & could fight harder than
any person I've ever known...I only
hope to be half the woman Meaghan

Megs, Me & Jessie

This picture was taken @
Candlewood Lake @ our new house
& it was one of the RARE occassions
we got to spend together! I cherish
those times more than anyone knows.
It was a time of LOVE & LAUGHTER
that will never be forgotten....Just like
I've always loved this saying & it
seems to fit my forever young &
beautiful cousin Meaghan......

~May the Wind always be @ your
back & the Sun Upon your Face &
May the Wings of Destiny carry you
aloft to Dance with the Stars~

I love you Uncle Carl...XOOXOXO get
some rest!

Your Niece, Summer
Dr. Robyn Barst, MD, Comforting Meaghan after her Transplant
I first met Meaghan Hicks in 1994. She had fainted during a gymnastics event in Germany
where she was living with her parents, and her brother and sister. Although her dad,
Colonel Carl Hicks, was to be stationed there for several years, Meaghan was immediately
flown to Walter Reed for evaluation. Her parents were told she had a fatal disease with
less than a year to live but there was a doctor in NYC Meaghan should see. It was at that
juncture in Meaghan’s life, that Meaghan and her family entered my life. My career in
pulmonary hypertension, has been, and always will be, the most gratifying career I could
ever dream of. Treating patients like Meaghan teaches one all about life; and that life is for
the living – one day at a time – and one moment at a time. We all remember this when we
lose someone we love; but then far too quickly we forget and return to our daily lives not
looking at life around us and not giving of ourselves because we fail to truly remember
what someone like Meaghan can teach us. Meaghan was a young lady with a gift for living
and with a gift for giving. She took each day as it came and more often than not during the
past several years, swallowed hard to look life face on and go forward. She was raised by
two of the most extraordinary individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Hard,
tough Colonel Carl Hicks can be as hard on the exterior as any driven man could ever be;
but on the inside, he has the warmth and love and understanding of why we are all on this
earth – to make this earth a better place for all, by working hard and loving those you love
more than one could think possible. As I got to know Meaghan over the years, I saw that
the “ hard and tough” and “soft and gentle” qualities in her came from her parents. Colonel
Hicks is tough when he needs to be, and you better not cross him or get on his bad side,
or you will regret it. But he will do anything, absolutely anything for what he believes in and
for those he cares about– and although Meaghan may no longer be with us on this earth, it
is because of Meaghan that the fight for curing pulmonary hypertension continues to move
forward; her father has taken on fighting pulmonary hypertension with everything he has –
and the successes of his hard work are visibly apparent. I know his work will continue to
help thousands of children and adults struck with this deadly illness have a better life.

I think one of the reasons Meaghan and I got along so well was that our relationship was
far more than physician and patient; we were always honest with each other; no lying, no
mincing words and both working towards the same goal – that is, to make her quality of life
better! We would laugh and joke, and both believe that life is for the living – that is, if she
had the urge for Chinese food, go for it and it her ankles got swollen, big deal – take a
diuretic. We all have to have Chinese food or pizza sometimes. Meaghan knew full well my
philosophy of treating pulmonary hypertension was to improve quality of life and as a
byproduct increase survival; but the goal was never to just increase survival and live in a
glass house waiting to die. For those of you who knew Meaghan, she never lived in a glass
house! She did everything and more. Nothing was too momentous for her.

Meaghan also knew she could call me 24/7 and I would never mind. I remember my phone
ringing once while I was in Australia. Meaghan was calling me and apologizing for waking
me up (as she thought I at home in NYC asleep); however, when I said I was in Australia,
she wasn’t that sorry anymore and she said “Great! You’re probably not sleeping!” She
wanted to make sure she could do whatever she had the strength for even if she got tired
doing it. She was being told how sick she was and that she shouldn’t do anything other
than wait for the inevitable. Meaghan knew that was not my philosophy nor was it hers! And
that was many years ago. What Meaghan did for those she loved is far more than most of
us ever do in a lifetime. She knew how precious life was. We all need to learn from
Meaghan and do what I know she would want those she loved to do moving forward –
weep, mourn and never forget her, but then move on and help others. Find a passion in
your life and pursue it as hard as you can!

And when you feel down, think of Meaghan Hicks and smile.

Robyn Barst, MD

(Meaghan's doctor and friend for nearly fifteen years, during which time neither she
nor Meaghan
ever gave up)
I first met Meaghan in her
freshmen year at GHHS when
she walked into my classroom.  
From that moment on she was
my daughter.  She became so
close to my wife as they faced a
tough battle with life.  Even life.  
Even though my wife left many
years ago, you could tell that
they both still communicated with
each other.  They had their own
song, "What a Wonderful World,"
and they both lived through each
other.  At one time we all thought
that Meaghan and my son were
going to connect with each other,
but she was too much the sister
to us all.  They are together now
and that is a relief.  I know that
someday we will all be together

Your other Dad, Lyle

(Meaghan's favorite high school teacher
at Gig Harbor High, and other Dad)

Meaghan was a beautiful girl inside and out.  I loved
her very much.  I remember her as a little girl with a
hugh smile and illuminated everything and everyone
around her.

love you all
terri vail
"You don't get over it, you just get through
it. You don't get by it, because you can't
get around it. It doesn't get better; it just
gets different."
She has been such an inspiration to us all, as have you.
Barbara Thompson
Mid-South PH Support Group Leader
"I think words are not enough to tell you of my
grief. Meaghan has left a void in our lives.

As a physician, it was a privilege, my pleasure to
take care of her.

As a friend, it hurt me to no end to see her suffer...

And, yes, it will never be the same without her
actual presence, I still feel her around me. I don't
know how else to describe it.

She was, she is, and she will forever remain a
part of my life - as yours."

Dr. Ayesha Haroon, M.D.

(Meaghan's transplant doctor and friend at Stanford)
Meaghan at Stanford, May, 2007  w / Dr. Haroon
As a member of the PHA nursing community, I have followed your story of family strength, determination and love.  As a worker bee in the trenches of the fight for quality of like for all those affected with this disease, it is important for me to put in perspective what really happens when someone leaves our clinic/ leaves our hospital bed.. and goes home.  Sometimes being in the hospital is the easy part but the way one deals with PH is the hard part.  Listening to your story- seeing the pictures that you so eloquently present at our conferences - does so much to keep us going - to want to make it better for all we care for.  Above my desk at work I have a piece of paper with a quote that I have scotch-taped to the cabinet.. and as I look at the pictures you sent to us on this web site- and the stories about Meaghan that you have shared  - makes me ponder how Meagan is a powerful example of how one person can teach us
how to survive with dignity and grace.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and I thank Meaghan for her legacy of teaching us caregivers to
keep hope alive and how to help our patients dance
in the rain.
"Life isn't about how to survive the storm,
but how to dance in the rain"

Arlene Schiro
Post - Transplant Retail Therapy -
First Trip to Target
(July, 2007, Redwood City, CA)
This is Meaghan at Beaver Lake,
Arkansas (aka "The Lake") in July, 1985.

When she saw this picture while flipping
through our photo album many years
later, during a visit to Tonganoxie,
Kansas, she had to laugh at the "Pose"
as she liked to call it.  Unbeknownst to
Meaghan, the lavender or periwinkel color
of her swimsuit would become a color
that would mean so much to her and her
family and friends.

We treasure all of our "Meaghan
Memories"...  Like when she was feeding
"baby" Ryan (now 18) his babyfood she
laughed so hard as he made a funny
squeal and clenched his fists, shaking
them in the air - with every new bite.  
(How she loved babies!)  ...Or, when she
acted as Jason's confidant and advisor
when he faced using that "new-fangled"
insulin pump a few years ago. (Jason
now 23)  She explained how her pump
worked and they compared notes and
she made helpful suggestions.  Meaghan
could instill confidence in others with her
directives and assurances.  If she said it
-- you knew it had to be so!

We will continue to cherish the memories
we have of Meaghan --- just always
believed things would "turn-around" soon
and we would have time to make many
more.  ...another lesson learned from

Love Always and Forever -  
Aunt DeAnn, Uncle Gary and cousins -
Jason and Ryan Brammer
Meaghan was one of the most beautiful
people I've ever met. I will forever miss
her. I am thankful I was lucky enough to
have her as part of my life. All my love,
Melissa Stokke-Kerwin
She will always be an inspiration to us. Her
strength and bravery is second to none.

David & Kirsten
We remember Meaghan for her quiet kindness, her lovely
smile and laughter, expressive eyes, her steadfast
friendship, we loved it when she called us gandma and
grandpa, and, in our hearts we remember her constant
bravery- We remember Meaghan as our friend and we will
always love her.

Ed & Nancy Stebor
Meaghan, you have always been in my
heart. Your life and love has blessed
many and will continue to do so

~Jenny (Livingston) Schaefer
Your family has been an inspiration to all of
us in the PH community. The strength that
Meaghan and all of you showed not only has
helped our patients, but has helped those of
us who care for people with PAH to keep
looking and moving towards the future.
My thoughts are with you and your family,
Aaron B. Waxman, MD, PhD
Director, Pulmonary Vascular Disease
Pulmonary Critical Care Unit
Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School
We only met Meaghan a couple of times, but what I
remember most was her beautiful smile.  It lit up a
room!  May God bless and comfort all of you and bring
you closer together.  You have surrounded Meaghan
with loving care all the years of her life.  May you feel her
presence with you always.   
Barb and Steve Sutton
Thinking of you and sending lots of hugs.  I came across a poem that
just seemed to capture something for me about our last visit
together. I learned so much from being around Meaghan.  She
touched me so deeply and profoundly. I just cannot find the words to
express things myself just now.

Ramona Doyle, MD

The Last Time
-Marie Howe

The last time we had dinner together in a restraurant
with white table clothes, she leaned forward

and took my two hands in hers and said,
I'm going to die soon. I want you to know that.

And I said, I think I do know.
And she said, what surprises me is that you don't.

And I said, I do. And she said, What?
And I said, Know that you're going to die.

And she said, No, I mean know that you are.
Meaghan shown in May '07, Post Transplant at Stanford with Romona
Doyle, MD, and Rohan Zamanian, MD, Two of Her Favorites
Meaghan was one of the most remarkable people I
have ever met, and I, like so many, deeply admired
her. Her love of life and her amazing love of other
people always amazed me. Even in her roughest
moments of recovery after transplant, she never
neglected to ask how those around her were doing,
and was genuinely concerned about each and every
I have often used Meaghan’s story, and her inspiring
accomplishments (despite her PH diagnosis), to
inspire myself to keep doing this work, to strive
toward enhancing the quality of life of those with PH
and those who love and care for them.  I will continue
to do so with Meaghan’s memory and spirit guiding
the way.
It was my honor to know and accompany Meaghan
through some of the most salient moments of her life,
and it is such a devastating loss to know that we will
not witness her triumphs first-hand any longer.  I do
know that she will sustain the fighting force and the
motivation in me to continue working in the PH world,
and to know that the impossible really doesn’t exist—
Meaghan demonstrated that every day I knew her...  
My heart is with you all.  

With gratitude and fond memories,

Allyson M. Rupp, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Vera M. Wall Center for Pulmonary Vascular Diseases
Stanford Hospital and Clinics
300 Pasteur Drive, Rm H0315
Stanford, CA 94305
Meaghan was one
of my all-time favorite patients over a
30+ year career in Pediatric
nursing.  My heart goes out to you and
your loved ones.  
Cindi Haarstad LPN,
Madigan Pediatric Clinic
gives me comfort every time I hear it as
gives me comfort every time I hear it as
I know she, Meaghan and all the
others we have lost can sing this song
now and mean it.
now and mean it.

Warmly, Laura

JOHNNY NASH lyrics - I Can See
Clearly Now

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me
It's gonna be a bright
(Bright), bright (bright)
Sun-shiny day
It's gonna be a bright
(Bright), bright (bright)
Sun-shiny day

I think I can make it now, the pain is
All of the bad feelings have
Here is the rainbow I've been prayin' for
It's gonna be a bright
(Bright), bright (bright)
Sun-shiny day

Look all around, there's nothin' but
blue skies
Look straight ahead, nothin' but blue

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me
It's gonna be a bright
(Bright), bright (bright)
Sun-shiny day
It's gonna be a bright
(Bright), bright (bright)
Sun-shiny day
It's gonna be a bright
(Bright), bright (bright)
Sun-shiny day
Oh, what a bright, (bright)
Sun-shiny day
Rainbow, seeming to end at Stanford
University Medical Center, the morning
after Meaghan's Transplant, February 26th,
I remember the day that we met Meaghan; she was 5, and her
family had just moved into the house next door that day.  She
and Jesse came skipping across the grass to borrow some milk
from us, because Mom was making mac-and-cheese for dinner
and hadn't time to shop for groceries.  Both girls were wearing
T-shirts that said "We Are Family".  That was the beginning of
our joyous and enduring friendship.  And I remember, a little later
when Meaghan's first "baby" tooth came loose, Bill gravely
helped her to let it fall out, with the aid of a piece of string and
comforting words.  There are many other memories that come
rushing back now, to savour and re-live with the knowledge that
they will be with me forever.

---sing with the angels, dear Meaghan, and we will hear in our
hearts.---sing with the angels, dear Meaghan, and we will hear in
our hearts.

Sylvia Earl
Meaghan on her first sailing trip with Jessica and Andy,
under the watchful eye of Captain Bill Earl, MD. Little
Traverse Bay, MI.
I first met Meaghan working with her on 'Team' for
the Seattle U Search Retreat. That is where I first
heard her story and was touched by her beautiful
smile. I later reconnected with her through our
mutual friend, Becky Schumaker, as we both are
from the same circle of friends.  Meaghan has been
truly inspiring in my life. When someone passes
away, people tend to say that God always takes the
best souls. With Meaghan this is especially true.
When I first got the email from Becky about
Meaghan's transplant, I sent my own email to my
family and friends for prayers and positive energy
for her. So, lots of prayers have always been
coming her way and I would keep them updated as I
learned of her progress. When I heard that she
passed away, I let them know. One of my oldest
friends wrote this:

Just getting on line. Got all the news about your
friend Meaghan. The web site her Dad set up is
beautiful. Not ever meeting her the site made me
cry. I wish there was a spot to leave thoughts. If you
communicate with her family at all send them my
warmest regards. In times like this it is amazing
how much you appreciate thoughts from strangers.
It's not right what she had to go through. She seems
like a very special girl. (~Kristin)

I know that Meaghan touched so many with her
story, her warmth and her smile, especially me. My
heart and prayers go out to all of you who are
missing her dearly. May her gorgeous spirit and
enduring strength live on in all of us!

I wish you love and peace,
Kelly (Bonin) Botham
She lived this life well, and I am a better person
for having known her.  Her smile, her laughter, her hazel eyes....these will always stay with me.  I also saw her break down and cry.  I caught her in faraway looks, across the bay, and joy, with a ring on her finger.   I will have conversations with her, now, when I am in the garden or doing the dishes.  I know that the tears will diminish over time.    We went out to lunch when she first came back with her portable pump, just me and Meaghan and Becky,  I think it was the Black Angus,  and we started to talk about MEN!  OMG!  We shared so many similarities across the generations....and then it was funny...then it became very funny...then we were laughing so hard that the tears were rolling down our faces!   And the few times they came
over and cooked in my kitchen and the mess...Ha!   Good stuff to remember.  Will see you soon...

love and peace...Debie.
i'll be coming up from LA to celebrate meaghan this weekend. i know
how small the church by jared's house is; i'll be honored to fit in, or
around, or any which way i can.

meag is like no one else in the world; i'm so very happy and grateful that
we've all gotten to have her in our lives for so long. the only people i truly
feel sorry for are the ones who weren't lucky enough to know her.  pardon
the language...but you made one hell of a daughter. thank you for sharing
her with us.


corina spadoni
Meaghan, Andy, Jessica, ca. 1987
When I was a toddler, Meaghan loved to hear me say the word
"Sparkle"!  She would make me say it again and again, giggling
each time.  I know Meaghan's spirit will "Sparkle" forever!

Love, Jason
KC Cousin
Jessica, Jason, Andy, Meaghan, about 1987
Meaghan, her Nephew, Nolan, Summer, 2008
A Happier Time... Jessica, Meaghan, Andy Hiking in Switzerland
A few of the messages of condolence sent from members of the PH Community to the Hicks Family

Please accept my condolence at the loss of your precious gift. She is now a glowing flower in full bloom and God chose her
to be part of a beautiful bouquet for his heavenly throne where she is smiling down at us all from the light of flawless
blessedness and peace. She is now privileged to feast at His heavenly banquet table with all the saints and angels. May
God fill the space in your hearts with His pure light and love.
May her light always shine bright in your hearts.

Yunena Morales

I am so sorry about your loss.....
Linda Arnold

I live in Ohio,My name is Paula.
I was diagnosed in July 2006, and I was shocked to here about Meaghan's passing.I was hoping, someone with
tragic disease would defeat it. My heart goes out to her family during this time of their loss.

Please accept my deepest condolences.
Take Care & God Bless
Paula Ann Mooney

Carl....I am so sorry to hear about Meaghan...My thoughts and prayers arewith you and your family.

Jas James

I am so sorry to hear about the end of Meaghan's battle. She was a real fighter and quite an
inspiration. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
Hugs - Cindy in Florida

We pray for all your family to find peace at this time. And thank you for your endurance in going forward to work
for this community that loves you. "Fear not, he is with you".

Bonnie Patricelli and Ryan Juntti

I am very sorry to hear that Meaghen has passed away. This is such a terrible disease, seems as if
we have many deaths reported on the PHA web site. Her father is a wonderful man, he will go on
trying to find a cure for all of us. God bless him, and his lovely daughter, an angel now. God bless
all of us, please help us to find a cure.

Love from Marjo

Please convey my deepest sympathy to the Hicks family. This is a terrible loss for them and for our PH
community. Carl's story about his family's fight for and along with Meaghan has been inspirational. May God
comfort them in their loss and may Meaghan breathe easily now.

Susan Temple

Dear family of Meaghan,
We are very saddened to hear that Meaghan has lost her fight with PH. We have never met
but we assure you that Meaghan and your family will be in our thoughts and every day in our


Hi there Diane! I heard about Carl Hick's Daughter Meaghan tonight and I am truly sorry to hear it. I
wanted to post something on the board for I am sure there are some on there that would like to know it.
However, did not feel it would be appropriate to do so with out permission. Is it okay to post or would you
guys prefer to post something. Even though I did not know her, it does upset me. Col Hicks has done so
much for those of us with PH and I along with lots of others are so thankful to him and all of you at PHA.
I hope he is holding up okay. I want to ask what happen but I am sure that is not appropriate
but you know how it is. How are you guys at PHA doing? I am sure this hit you guys really hard too!
Let me know what you think! If you see Col Hicks please let him know that we are
thinking and praying for him and his family.
We are truly sorry! (I am saying WE meaning people on the board!)


So very sorry to hear of this tragic loss.I hope and pray that a cure will be found for this
disease.When that day comes it will be due to those of you who stood up and spoke out.I pray you
will find strength and comfort. Beverly

Dear Carl,
I want to send my care, concern and prayers to you and your family in the loss of your precious daughter
Meaghan. We will all fight harder against PH in her memory for a cure to this disease.
If there is anything I can do for you or your family please call on us.
God Bless, you are in our prayers.
All Our Love

Raye and Edward Bohn
Thomaston, CT

Dear Carl and family,
I have just read the very sad news about Meaghan and as I write this,
tears are rolling down my cheeks. My heart goes out to all of you.
Carl, you might remember me from the 2008 conference in Houston, we
chatted at different times. My daughter Lauren lost her battle with PH on
August 30, 2000, at the age of ten years and ten months. I too, want to
continue the fight anyway I can until there is a cure for this horrid disease.
Please know that I truly understand the heartache a parent endures when
a child dies. The ordering is simply wrong, children are not supposed to
die before their parents. Please take care and know that I am thinking of
you and send my prayers.

Judith Williamson
Victoria, BC Canada

I am sorry to hear about the death of your daughter, Meaghan. Her
story, and your story, was an inspiration to many at the last PHA
conference. I am grateful that you have chosen to devote your leadership skills to our cause.
My husband and I also lost a child to this disease in 2002. He was only four when he died, a victim of primary pulmonary hypertension.
Due to his young age and the poorer outcomes for his size and weight,we chose not to pursue heart-lung transplantation, but I imagine our
decision would have been different had he lived to an older age. Still, these are very hard choices forced by a very hard illness. One
is forced to choose what one hopes will be the best of some bad alternatives, when one is really hoping for a cure.
Continue to lead on. Together I hope we can find that cure.

With deepest sympathy,
Jennifer Nelson

I am so sorry for your loss. Meaghan is in heaven now and will see her family again someday. Keep the
awareness going and God Bless you.

The Tindall Family

To the entire Hicks family,
I had the pleasure of attending my first PHA International Conference in Houston this past June. It was
there that I learned Meaghan's incredible story and of the outpouring of love and energy that you have all
shared to help all of us afflicted by pulmonary hypertension. I am devastated to learn of her passing after
such a courageous fight. There is probably a reason for Meaghan to have been taken at such a young
age, though at the moment it is hard to imagine what that could be. My thoughts and prayers are with
you at this time, and especially with Meaghan.

Priscilla Franz

Dear Hicks Family,
My little girl Katie Grace was diagnosed Feb 13 2008 and we went through much the same as you.
Only I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to the Houston Convention this year to hear Mr.
Hicks speak. Your story is one that gave me HOPE!
This has really saddened my heart and I have passed your story on to others so they can better understand.
We now live in the Bay Area and our doctor is also at Stanford. Although we know our doctors are good
but God is great. May he give you peace at this time.
Our Prayers are with you,

Kathy Groebner (mom of Katie Grace 6 PHer)
In Gods Hands

Mr. Hicks,
I saw you speak in Houston at the PH conference. I had just learned months before that I had PH and
came to the conference (with both my parents) to find out what it was all about. I heard you speak several
times and was so impressed by your passion and willingness to do anything it took to get help for your
daughter. I remember thinking your family's story was remarkable.
I opened an email from the PH Support group indicating that your daughter went to be with God. I had
such a heavy heart that day and for several days afterwards. My parents were also very upset and we
spoke of what an inspiration you and your family had been to us. Seeing pictures of Meaghan made us
all smile and cry. I just wanted you to know that her life was very meaningful to so many people and
continues to inspire us all!
Thank you for your dedication!

Jill from Indiana

Mr. Carl Hicks
I am truly sadden and sorry for your loss, your daughter Meaghan Hicks, she fought a BIG battle and by the way you speak of her she
never gave up! I can tell that you were very proud of her and she was blessed to have such caring parents. Thank-you for all that you did
and for all that you fought. I realize that the fight was for all of us dealing with PH. God bless you and your loved ones, and may he give
you a bit of comfort.

Catalina Lomeli

Carl Hicks and Family
My sincerest condolences to you and your family, at this time for your loss. I will keep you in my prayers for God to give you peace and
consolation during your time of grief and healing. My heart aches for your pain and loss. Thank you for all the work you have done to help
of us with PH and God Bless You.

Charlotte Beattie

Dear Carl and family,
My condolences go out to you and you family at this time of loss. I know she meant the world to you. I was able to attend conference for the
first time this past June in Texas and I was moved by your speech about your daughter and it even brought me to tears.
I could tell how you and your family felt about her and that she meant the world to you. She was a fighter with this awful disease and
I pray one day they find a cure.
Again my thoughts and prayers go out to you.

"A Life Cut Short"
"She had this luminous light about her,
you could feel the radiance when you
were in her presence. She gave us all
Annette Lantos Tilleman-Dick
I spent several days reflecting on how it
would impact Lisa and I were we to lose
Jennifer and as good as my vocabulary
is, I don’t think I could put it into words.  
Meaghan was literally Mary Jan’s
biological copy, much as Jennifer is
Lisa’s.  They look like sisters and they
have the same timber in the tone of
their voices; so much so, that it is hard
to tell the difference between them
when talking to them on the phone.

So rather than focusing on the loss of
Meaghan, I turned instead to
remembering the joy she brought us in
the past when she was in our
presence.  Although in retrospect we
would liked to have had more time with
Meaghan we still have many fond
memories of the times we did get to
spend with her.  Her dark hair, radiant
smile, effervescent personality and that
genetically patented chin will always be
indelibly etched in my memory.

Love, Uncle John & Aunt Lisa


The day I met you my world changed.
I met my best friend, my soul mate.
You taught me about friendship, love, myself.
The time we had together,
the memories we made,
I will hold in my heart forever.

You will be missed,
never forgotten...
"Your friend is your needs answered. He is your field which you sow with love and reap with
thanksgiving...And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and sharing of
pleasures...And let their be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit...When you
part from your friend you grieve not; For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his
absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain.

-Kahlil Gibran
I just wanted to take a moment to give my
condolences to your family. I went to middle and high
school with Meaghan, She was, she is one of the most
beautiful people I have ever meet and feel that my life
has been blessed by knowing her. Her strength and
her personality are enough to inspire the faintest of
heart and her memory will always be close to my
heart. Thank you for taking the time to put together
this beautiful website-.
Kristi Hayes
Hello Mr. Hicks,

I am a graduate of GHHS 1999 and attended school with your daughter.  We did
not "hang out in the same group" of people, but I remember her very well.  She
was a very kind and sweet hearted person.  I am deeply saddened by the loss of
Meaghan and wish your family the best of memories with Meaghan.

We currently have a class of 1999 reunion website at
where a page dedicated to those classmates we'v lost over the years.  I have
also posted a link to the beautiful website you have created for Meaghan on our
class page on facebook, which is
#/pages/GHHS-Class-of-1999/74044059508  Feel free to join us there.

We will all be honoring Meaghan and our other classmates during our reunion
and send out our thoughts to their families.  

Thank You!

Crystal Harlow (Stevens '99)
Meaghan with then Major Greg Gile, USA